Welcome to Dockhive's Roadmap. Our journey is marked by key milestones and ambitious goals that drive our commitment to revolutionizing decentralized Docker infrastructure. As we embark on this path, we invite you to explore our strategic plan and join us in shaping the future of containerization.

Key Milestones:

Phase 1: Launch of Landing Page with Waitlist

Description: Introduced DockHive's concept and features through the landing page, inviting users and developers to join the waitlist for updates and early access.

Key Achievement: Attracted initial user interest and built a community of early adopters, providing them with timely updates on DockHive's development.

Phase 2: Quest Platform

Description: Implemented the Quest Platform where users complete tasks such as following social media and retweeting to earn points, which will be converted to DHT tokens during our future airdrop events.

Key Achievement: Engaged users by offering incentives and rewards, fostering community participation and interaction.

Phase 3: Testnet Release

Description: Launched the testnet for developers to deploy Docker containers or files, experiencing DockHive's power.

Key Achievement: Provided developers with hands-on experience of DockHive's capabilities, gathering valuable feedback for improvements.

Phase 4: Presale Launch for Token Purchase (Upcoming)

Description: Planning to launch our presale for purchasing Dckhive tokens (DHT), the native currency of DockHive, to fuel community growth and utility.

Key Goals: Strengthen community engagement, provide token utility within the platform, and support ecosystem development.

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