Welcome to Dockhive's Roadmap. Our journey is marked by key milestones and ambitious goals that drive our commitment to revolutionizing decentralized Docker infrastructure. As we embark on this path, we invite you to explore our strategic plan and join us in shaping the future of containerization.

Key Milestones:

Phase 1: Building Foundations

Completed the branding, token launch on Polygon Mainnet, and waitlist; currently working on marketing, community building, and private sale event.

Phase 2: Beta Launch, Refining and Expanding

In progress with DockHive Beta launch, feedback and testing, platform refinement, strategic partnerships, DockHiveDEX launch, and ecosystem development.

Phase 3: Going Public

Planned a public sale event, exchange listing, full platform release, and expansion to other blockchains while continuing to scale the node network and engage in ongoing marketing and community outreach.

Enhancing and Securing

Planned efforts include product optimization, security audits, feature expansion, and future plans for token utility integration and staking/governance implementation.

Global Reach and Innovation

Planned pursuing global expansion, expanding partnerships and collaborations, planning decentralized governance activation, and continuously researching and developing advanced features.

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