Welcome to Dockhive's Roadmap. Our journey is marked by key milestones and ambitious goals that drive our commitment to revolutionizing decentralized Docker infrastructure. As we embark on this path, we invite you to explore our strategic plan and join us in shaping the future of containerization.


PHASE1 ⁃ Foundation Build

Website Development

Create a professional website design for Dockhive to showcase the project and also conduct a thorough testing of the website to ensure it meets quality standards.

Airdrop Event

Organize an airdrop event for early users. Evaluate the effectiveness of the airdrop campaign, such as increasing community engagement and attracting new users.

Testnet Release

Create a testnet platform for users to show a sneak peek of Dockhive innovative technology. Also, to provide a separate environment where users can interact with the project features, test functionalities, and provide feedback without using real assets. This will help us gather insights, identify bugs, and refine the user experience before launching on the mainnet.

PHASE2 ⁃ Expansion Initiatives

Private Sale with Early Adopters (Process)

Initiate the private sale process with early adopters to onboard them onto the platform.

Onboard Nodes

Facilitate the onboarding of nodes to strengthen the network and enhance operational capabilities.

Launching Mining DHT App

Launch the mining DHT (DockHive Token) application to enable users to participate in the network's consensus mechanism.

Publish V2 Whitepaper

Release the version 2 whitepaper to provide updated information on Dockhive's technology, roadmap, and vision.

Public Pre-sale

Prepare for the public pre-sale event to offer tokens to a broader audience and expand community participation.

PHASE3 ⁃ Expansion Initiatives

List DHT on Popular DEX

Get DHT listed on popular decentralized exchanges (DEX) to increase accessibility and liquidity for users.

Publish V3 Whitepaper

Release the version 3 whitepaper outlining updated project details, technology advancements, and future plans.

Launch Mainnet

Initiate the launch of the mainnet, providing users access to the full-scale functionality of Dockhive's decentralized infrastructure.

List on CEX

List Dockhive token (DHT) on centralized exchanges (CEX) to expand market reach and facilitate trading for a wider user base.

Release Initial Airdrop locked

Unlock and distribute the initial airdrop tokens to eligible participants, fostering community engagement and token distribution.

Release Dockhive DEX

Launch the Dockhive decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, enabling users to trade tokens securely and efficiently within the ecosystem.

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